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What is Simcountry?
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Create Multiple Units and Attack Mutiple Targets Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

When creating a unit there should be a text box (which could, for example, be at the bottom after weapons and ammunition and called "units") that multiplies everything to no limit, other than available weapons required. For example, instead of 850 tanks, you put 2 in that box and it creates 2 units, which would require 1700 tanks. If you have 1700 tanks, then 2 units are created. When selecting targets to attack(before you hit the 'attack' button that brings up the window for attacking that target), there should be checkbox besides all targets of that type, along with a button at the top and bottom of the target lists that toggles all checkboxes, not unlike the corporate shares page. After you have selected all or whichever targets you wish to attack, there should also be checkboxes beside units you have which are within range of at least one of the targets. They should not be required to be within range of all of the targets. Then, once you proceed to choose which weapons to attack with (for example, attacking with 2 divisions each comprised of 450 tanks and 400 artillery batteries, would allow you to choose up to 900 tanks and/or 800 artikllery batteries), any weapons within range of targets will begin attacking the targets one at a time until either all attacks have been completed, or you have no more weapons/ammo to attack with. To not overload servers, there could be a delay between attacks (say for example, an attack every 1 or 10 milliseconds or even 1 second). Clarification: attacking a target with multiple units would not attack repeatedly with the same units, but merely cycle through multiple single attacks from one unit at a time until all units selected have completed a single attack. If, for example, a president selected 4 units to attack 2 targets and the 4 units are all in range of the 2 targets then the 2 targets will both be attacked once by 4 units. If 1 of the 4 units is either not within range of 1 of the targets, or has been destroyed during a previous attack, than that individual attack will be skipped. As it is now, I will probably only attack somebody if they have somehow considerably upset me, because it would require a lot of clicking, and I often have distractions when at my house. I am the president, not a general, and as such I shouldn't have to click so much to conduct a war. That is not fair to me or any other player, including my enemy! This change would benefit new and experienced players alike! I think the war system overall is brilliant but I believe many players have given up on the war system as it is now due to how many clicking is required to get through a war. Let us stop punishing players for attacking large defenses with large forces and allow them to attack multiple targets in a way not so unlike airlifting units or trading shares! Vote YES to allow presidents to simply use a checkbox system to create units and destroy targets just as we do with trading shares. Vote NO if you like to spend a lot of time clicking 'attack' over and over and over again.

11 gamers voted for the proposal.
3 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Creating multiple units is part of the game for a very long time. When creating new units you can just type the number of units you need.
The game will even order everything you need for these units and you do not have yet. It will order all the weapons and ammo you need for these units. Creating very large numbers can result in huge orders. Materials may not be available on the market and you may not have all the cash needed to pay for these materials. When it comes to multiple targets, using multiple units, we think that the automation of it will create a lot of unwanted effects. You may run out of ammo and you may think it was used to attack the wrong targets and prioritized in a wrong way to mention just one.

We think that this request comes because sometimes you need too many attacks to achieve your target and that attacking multiple targets will shorten the process. This may indeed be true.

The solution is probably in making the units larger and allowing them to destroy a target faster than they can do now. Such a change should not result in making war trivial or far too fast. The enemy should have a fighting chance and counter attacks should be more devastating too.
We will look into the size of units and may make changes. Such changes will be small or otherwise, you will need very large numbers of weapons and ammo to increase the size of current units. This may also be an opportunity to reduce the number of units and make the management of the army easier.

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