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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Corporation list Status: Will be added

Detailed Description:

To make corporations more manageable I would like to see grouping introduced. (Master - Detail)
For CEO's and Presidents
Group by product:
Master level data: Product name, market situation indicator, supply/demand % , price For CEO's group by country:
Master level data: Country name, president name (send message button)
For Presidents group by enterprise:
Master level data: Enterprise name, CEO name (send message button)
And instead of the Product group icons that don't serve a real purpose, could we have 5 icons/indicators that would show:
State corporation, Nationalized state corp. Public state corp., Private Enterprise corp., Public enterprise corp.
I also would like to see sorting possibilities on most columns, ascending and descending.
And the last thing.
When you are in management list (updates, profit, cash, debt) and update one corporation.
If you go back to company list, you should return to list you came from not the general corporation list.
All in favor say "Aye"

54 gamers voted for the proposal.
16 gamers voted against the proposal.

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