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What is Simcountry?
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Change in Economic Policy Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

This proposal is to 1) Replace: Replace the pricing system(for both buying and selling) to a less confusing one. I propose that instead of using numbers like 148 to price a car(?god knows how much that is?) we use the simple number like $SC8,500. I, for one, have always had trouble understanding what it even means to sell something at 348%. same goes for buying products(applies to both countries/enterprises and corporations). 2) Private-Corp Aid: I think that countries should be able to aid debt-ridden corporations to help pay off their loans, as they do state corporations. simple as that. p.s. this would help struggling enterprises tat wish to keep corporations open but can't since debt is causing a great burden to not only the corporations value/profitability but puts the host country at risk of losing money and jobs(which is on average 200K+). It also creates a stronger relationship between the country's leader and enterprise owner. 3)Wages: a)Private: Salaries should be set by the corporation owner, but, can be no less than the minimum wage, which the president may choose to have or not.(simply set it to 0) it would ensure that not only enterprises, but also countries and their workers actually profit from this in bigger ways. not only this, but corporations should be able to set how much they pay each profession(executives, workers, managers, techs.) on every level b)Public: Governments should be able to set a minimum wage,not only this, but corporations should be able to set, like actually set how much they pay each individual profession(executives, workers, managers, techs, teachers, cops, soldiers, etc.) on every level. 4)Country Supply and Demand: I believe that countries should actually profit from what it sales to it's people. I've had times where I only sold 2T worth of things to my people and somehow bought 4T, this is no way to run a country, no matter what I try, it never works. I always lose money, always in the trillions. a) Stores: I think that countries should instead have a system in place where individual stores(perhaps added as another corporation that can be built like any other) are able to buy the products themselves and sell it to people for a profit. yes, the government should still ensure that the quality meets the requirements. not only would it take a HUGE load off the government's budget, but, create another market, that is always profitable and for sure will always have unlimited growth. Of course, the store would only sell products that are sold by stores irl. b) (Optional)Prices of Products:Countries should be able to instill a price cap on all products in order to enure that corporations do not over-price products sold by stores in the country. c) Agriculture: Agricultural products can be sold in the stores. obviously giving them more use. d) A page should be added for a country to be able to see how much of every product they produce in their country. This would be helpful in trade with other countries, as it would allow for a nation to be able to make realistic trade agreements. c1)Kinda like a Rulers of Nations(it's a PC game) sort of trade agreement. in which a certain amount is bundled up(a set amount of products is takes from each corporation(president gets to choose how much from each corporation is taken till amount on contract is met) and created as a contract. this ensures every company gets a fair chance and trade contracts are kept since more companies will be used. 5) More tradable products: such as TVs', Computers, Laptops, Bottled water, water, basically consumer-based products that could be sold in store corporations(mentioned in article 4a)

12 gamers voted for the proposal.
4 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Too many proposals. Some of the items mentioned are part of the game as of today and some are based on misunderstanding of game functions.
Please put one short proposal to a vote, make sure it is a real issue and you will get a direct answer from us as we always do.

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