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What is Simcountry?
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CEO HQ corp's Status: Will be added, Please read our response

Detailed Description:

IF your a international CEO, in the real world you have a HQ in a parent country. I say the game should have the same. IT should work, just like fleets really.

Advantages of this could be, you would be able to transfer money from parent country, to CEO, or vise-versa. Have it based on amount of corp's in CEO. For every corp, allow 1B, so a Ceo with 200 corp's could then receive as aid from parent corp, 200b dollar transfer or less. This happens in real life, often a state will bail out a corp, if it's in it's national interest. Since many of us put strategic corp's in CEO's, this would be correct.

ON the negative side, A CEO HQ, would not fall under same guide line as regular CEO corp's and can be destoryed, thus has to be defended.

A HQ would not, create anything, so would not have a profit, but would give parent State a said fee ( .5% to 3% of profit for entire enterprise). This would make having CEO HQ's, wether your own or someone else's, an asset in your country.

IF your HQ is destroyed, you wouldnt be able to do any of the things you can do, other then those done on a corp to corp basis. Hince, no buying or selling of new or exsisting corp's, no bidding on or defending against hostile take overs, no transferring of monies from HQ to indivual corp's.

However, you would still be able to do the things that can be done on your individual corp's page.

Anyway....since we cant destroy CEO's, I think this would be an interesting counter balance.

IF you agree, vote yes.

51 gamers voted for the proposal.
14 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

We agree but the feature is complex and has many implication on other functions. This is the reason it was not implemented before.

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