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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?

C3's form Regional Confederations in response to Regional Aggression Status: Rejected  

Detailed Description:

At present, the C3s do not respond to aggression, except individually and only when declared war against. Nor do they co-operate in any fashion, even when there is a consistant threat within their area, that has engaged upon warmongering expansion. There is a very simple solution for this, an aggression rating for each region. This aggression rating would affect the behavior of all C3s in the area. It would also serve as a message to new players, as to the overall warlikeness of particular areas. We could even color-code the world, so at a glance we could tell what areas have a history of war or peace. The higher the Aggression rating of an area, the more the C3s invest in militery. At very low aggression rating, C3s mantain only a very minimal defensive force. At an extremely high aggression rating, they will even begin to stockpile Strategic Weapons. However, they would have a strick No-First Strike policy. Unless Strategic Weapons are used against them, they would not use such weapons and then only against the nations which have used such weapons. The Aggression rating, goes between 0 and 250. When the Aggression rating reaches 200 or above, only then will they try and get Strategic Weaponry. When the Aggression rating reaches 100 however, all C3 nations would automaticly band together into a Regional Confederation. Each region would have a default confederation and upon the aggression rating reaching 100, it would be activated. The C3 nations would thus work together against the aggressive powers in the region. This would mean that it would be neccesery to have a major war, not a series of individual invasions, in order to rapidly take over an area. When the aggression rating reaches 50 or below, the Confederation is disbanded. Players would be able to join the confederation also, they would be accepted on the condition that they are not presently the aggressor in a war. Thus it would be possible to exploit the confederation, in order to get a large slice of the big warmongers Empire and then become the big empire in time. The main militery goal of the C3 confederation, would be to conquer the Empire of their enemies and liberate it, turning it back into C3 countries who would of course be Confederation members. However, they should not ever depose the Empire leader. Instead, them defeating the Empire leader, causes all remaining Empire nations to go C3, but the player keeps his nation. The Regional Aggression rating is modified as follows. Declaration of War against a nation in the Region- Increase Aggression Rating by 1. Conquest of a nation in the Region- Increase Aggression Rating by 10. Use of Strategic Weapons against a Nation in the Region- Increase Aggression Rating by 100.

13 gamers voted for the proposal.
52 gamers voted against the proposal.

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