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What is Simcountry?
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Bid game money for gold coins Status: Please read our response

Detailed Description:

This would come with a number of restrictions. 1 - The GM's should not, and would not have to, offer any GC on the market. Ideally, the coins offered would come from players only. 2 - If possible, only GC that players have purchased with real money should be eligible. GC that players have been awarded should not 3 - A "tax" or "fee" should be charged on this as well. 4 - Any other restrictions W3C feels appropriate to make this function as intended (detailed below) W3C makes it's money when people buy gold coins. The problem is not everyone has the same real-world financial means. Some have ample time to put into this game to make in-game success stories, while others have ample money, and are able to boost their way to success. Either way is a valid "win" in my mind. I feel that you could encourage people to buy more coins if you allowed those with more IRL time to buy GC from those with more IRL money. The objective, as such, would be to allow people to use in-game money to buy gold coins off players who have purchased gold coins from W3C. While the "base" price should be roughly equal to the GC-IGMoney, but with extra fees. This would be a good way for W3C to create a "money sink" for in game money. Possible introduction method: W3C would begin to demarcate between gold coins purchased and gold coins awarded. The excellent record keeping means that this could be retroactively applied to all accounts. Purchased Gold Coins or PGC could be put up for sale. The "going rate" would start at 29.6B IGM (In Game Money) Applied to that would be a 100% tax. Meaning a player needs to pay 59.2B IGM to purchase a PGC. Once a player *does* purchase a PGC, it comes a EGC (Earned Gold Coin) and can not be re-sold. Due to the tax, the player selling the coin only gets 29.6B and the other 29.6B simply vanishes into the ether. GMs would only sell their own PGC, printed on demand, if they feel the game needs more of a money sink. Should they feel that no money sink is needed, they could reduce the tax to 0%. Players would only be allowed to sell 10% of their PGC a day, and would need to keep at least 10PGC in their account in order to offer any PGC for sale. PGC would include Gold Coins from buying a membership Gold Coins from extending a membership Gold Coins from the "Purchase Gold Coins" option EGC would include Gold Coins from odd bonuses, including the odd extra free gold coins from being a player/member Gold Coins from awards Gold Coins purchased from other players Gold Coins purchased with in-game money from the GMs For the record, while I'm very hopeful this will pass, I'm also realistic about it's chances.

7 gamers voted for the proposal.
2 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

Probably a good idea but quite complex. We had bad experience with the trading of gold coins in the past and are quite reluctant to step back into this issue.
We might do so when activity increases and the numbers become much larger.

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