Automatic System and Company Hiring Levels

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Automatic System and Company Hiring Levels Status: We aree

Detailed Description:

As far as I can figure, currently the automatic system chooses companies producing products in great surplus to take workers from when there are worker shortages in a country (salary levels being equal). Now for the most part I have no problems with this, as sometimes there is no need or reason to keep adding to the surplus of the product on the market.

I do, though, see one major problem with this. The automatic system does not take into account the level of production in a company that is contracted. The system will just keep take workers, as it can, from companies until there is some balance and/or the shortage of workers is eliminated. The amount of a company's production that is contracted should be taken into account when the automatic system takes workers from one company to put into hiring in other companies that it feels is a better place for them, as that/those company(ies) are producing products that are in demand or the surplus level is lower.

No company in the real world will reduce there hiring below levels needed to cover their contracts, unless they go into bankruptcy and/or close down operations. So therefore the automatic system should not be able to reduce the hiring levels in companies below production contract percentages when shifting workers to other companies.

If the system shifts workers around to the point that all companies are at their production contract levels and there is still a shortage of workers, then it can start moving workers out of companies to put them below their contract levels.

Agree if you think a company's contract levels should be taken into account when the automatic system is looking at changing hiring levels.

Disagree if you want the automatic system to stay as it is.

38 gamers voted for the proposal.
8 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This is correct but the game automation works differently. Corporations do not look to the market to decide how much to produce. They try to reach the production targets as set by the player. There is no feedback on shortages or over production from the general market.

If however, the corporation is unable to sell all its products, it may decide to reduce production.

if it sells all its products on contracts, it will not reduce production unless there is a general shortage of workers of certain types and all corporations are forced to reduce. It will also reduce if raw materials are not available.

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