Allow unification of countries in an empire

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Allow unification of countries in an empire Status: Voted before

Detailed Description:

Make it more productive for a player to manage his countries without having to go into every single country to setup the country's parameters. Allows the management of the countries within an empire similarly to managing the corporations within an enterprise, not necessary having to go into each corporation to change a corporation's parameters. each country remain as it is, as a country within an empire so that in time of war when you conquer that country it becomes yours just as when you conquer a stand-alone country. if you sell a country within an empire, it will be same as it is selling a corporation within an enterprise. an empire with countries bordering each other to be unified with a new border so that the player and other players can distinguish the size of the empire. allow the empire owner to choose a single colour to distinguish his empire. allow the owner to manage the economies of the countries from a single point, as he does for managing the corporations within his enterprise; that is, he can channel all the productions of the countries to his common market, one enterprise, one country, or wherever he choose to. but if he has no money to buy his own production within 12 game months, then whatever the balance that he cannot afford to buy automatically reverts to the world market. please vote "YES" to make this game better for the players

9 gamers voted for the proposal.
1 gamers voted against the proposal.

The proposal has been ACCEPTED.

W3Creative reaction:

This was voted before several times and we have explained why this will not happen.
It did not happen in any of the real empires in the history of the world and it will be bad for Simcountry. Having many countries makes it harder to play and limits the total power of a player.
Uniting 6 countries with 300M each into one, will give that country an advantage no new player can ever achieve.
There is no need for such super countries and having a large empire should be more and more complex with the increasing size of the empire.

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