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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Plutonium is used in all the nuclear weapons. All nuclear missiles, Tactical nuclear war heads and strategic bombs contain plutonium. Plutonium is expensive and only small quantities are used per weapon.

Both weapons grade uranium and Uranium are used in the production process.

Plutonium trading is only taking place outside the world markets. This makes it harder to get and it is available to players who have cargo shuttles and gold coins to purchase the product. On the other hand, Plutonium must be kept outside the market and have some limitations on who can purchase the product. Trading takes place on the Carina space station.

Plutonium trading through contracts and direct sale in the five worlds will remain possible between countries, enterprises and corporations that belong to the same player. You can produce plutonium and sell it to your own countries and enterprises.

Corporation Details
Product GroupIndustry
Required Game Level3
Initial Investment3B SC$
Output at 100% Production4.50 kilograms per month
Raw Materials needed for Full Production
ProductMonthly Use
@format(50000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
Electric Power
@format(2500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ million kwhs
Factory Maintenance
@format(10,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
High Tech Services
@format(25000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(75,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
@format(25000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(2,FMTintegerSTRING)@ kilograms
Weapon Grade Uranium
@format(4,FMTintegerSTRING)@ kilograms
Workers needed per Corporation
ProfessionWorkers Needed
when not upgraded
+/- needed per
Efficiency Upgrade
Base Salary  
Low Level Workers@format(50000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-160,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Workers@format(75000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-110,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Workers@format(42000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-2,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Low Level Managers@format(4100,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(27,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Managers@format(5000,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(22,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Managers@format(2500,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(17,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Engineers@format(72000,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(22,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Seniors@format(14400,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(17,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Executives@format(1100,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(2,FMTintegerSTRING))@
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