Nuclear Power

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Nuclear Power

Players can build nuclear power stations to produce electricity. Nuclear power stations use Uranium and other raw materials.
Countries can decide to purchase nuclear power instead of electric power generated with oil.

Nuclear power stations are more effective and the base price of the electricity is slightly lower than the price of electricity that is generated with oil. The real price however, is determined by market demand and supply.

When a country orders nuclear power, the delivery is added to the electric power stock of the country. The electric power, from both oil burning generators and from nuclear power stations, can be used by the country and can be sold, by the country to its corporations. As a result, countries never have a stock of nuclear power.

Nuclear Power corporations currently require game level 4 or higher.

Corporation Details
Product GroupUtilities
Required Game Level4
Initial Investment3B SC$
Output at 100% Production40000.00 million kwhs per month
Raw Materials needed for Full Production
ProductMonthly Use
@format(35000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(1500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
@format(7500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
@format(7500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ systems
Electronic Components
@format(15000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Factory Maintenance
@format(20,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
High Tech Services
@format(15000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
Household Products
@format(2500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
@format(1500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ tons
Machine Parts
@format(15000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(10000,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(7500,FMTintegerSTRING)@ units
@format(75,FMTintegerSTRING)@ kilograms
Workers needed per Corporation
ProfessionWorkers Needed
when not upgraded
+/- needed per
Efficiency Upgrade
Base Salary  
Low Level Workers@format(83000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-310,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Workers@format(78000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(-210,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Workers@format(32000,FMTintegerSTRING)@@strip(format(0,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Low Level Managers@format(6900,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(30,FMTintegerSTRING))@
Medium Level Managers@format(5200,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(40,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Level Managers@format(2450,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(30,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Engineers@format(47000,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(50,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Seniors@format(9400,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(30,FMTintegerSTRING))@
High Tech Executives@format(620,FMTintegerSTRING)@+@strip(format(5,FMTintegerSTRING))@
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