Contracts and pricing

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Contracts and pricing

There are several types of contracts in the game. The objective of contracts is to create a stable situation for countries and corporations and ensure them of timely delivery of the products they need and for corporations, it creates a stable market and reasonable pricing.

The price of the products was fixed at the start of the contract and remained the same throughout the contract lifetime. This was true even for common and local market contracts that are running forever.

We are now updating the product pricing in contracts to the current market price. When contracts are closed, the agreed price may vary from the market price by 50% (higher or lower). During the contract period, the price is updated in all cases where the market price changed so much that the agreed price is outside the 50% margin. This means that if the agreed price varies more than 50% from the current market price, the price will be corrected to either market price + 50% or if the market price is much higher, to market price -50%.

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