You do not have the right to receive any payments

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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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You do not have the right to receive any payments

You can accumulate Gold Coins in the game and you can also purchase Gold coins paying for them with cash. You can use these gold coins in the game to set up countries and enterprises and to purchase various privileges and so call "boosters".

W3creative is under no obligation to repurchase any gold coins you may have accumulated or any gold coins you purchased before, that remained unused.

W3creative is under no obligation to trade gold coins with any player for game currency or to trade game currency for gold coins. w3creative may decide to offer such trades at their discretion but there is no obligation what so ever to do so.

In case you decide to leave Simcountry, W3creative is under no obligation to repurchase any remaining Gold coins from you, nor does it have any obligation to purchase any game assets you might have accumulated during the period you have played Simcountry and used the services of the W3creative web site.

W3creative will, under some limiting conditions, pay players for some of their accumulated Gold Coins. The reason for such payments is symbolic only. Simcountry may decide to reward very successful players and payout some of their profits. This does not constitute any obligation by W3creative.

W3creative may decide to stop such payments at any time, change the conditions for such payments without any prior publication of such changes and without any reason.

The Number of coins that can be exchanged, the number of Gold Coins that must remain on the player's account in the game after the exchange and the amount paid for these Gold Coins can be changed at any time without reason and without notice.

Such payments have been stopped several times in the past and may be discontinued at this time. The payments are not part of the service and not part of the Simcountry game.

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