Space Travel and Trading in Simcountry

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Space Travel and Trading in Simcountry

The space program features include a number of space stations. Space stations function as trade centers where products can be stored, traded and moved on to any destination where cargo shuttles can land.

Most space station have 100 docking stations, some have 200 docking stations that can be purchased or rented for short or longer use by anyone.

The owners of such docking stations are able to use them for their own products or offer them on the market for others to rent. A real time market offers the possibility to trade or rent docking stations.

Each space station offers the possibility to trade some products, but such products must be stored at the space station. Products that are bought or sold on the space station are moved from the storage that is controlled by the previous owner to a storage space that is controlled by the new owner.

The trading of products on space stations creates the possibility for trade between the worlds. All trading is conducted in gold coins and in most cases, two-way trading is available.
You can offer a product and request a number of gold coins per unit (minimum of 0.01 gold coins) or you can offer gold coins for a product. If offers are available, the buyer will be able to trade directly and the exchange of goods for gold coins takes place immediately.

Cargo shuttles are launched from space centers that are based in countries and fly to their destinations which are one of the space stations that are placed in locations in the space between the simcountry worlds.

The system includes pages that allow easy loading and unloading of cargo shuttles in space centers, easy launching and visibility of the shuttles as they move towards their destinations and easy trading on the space stations.

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