Temporary War Protection

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Temporary War Protection

All countries can set up temporary war protection status and protect themselves against the out brake of war. The war protection mode can be used when a president is on vacation or unavailable for some period of time and will prevent countries from being conquered while the president is not active.

The temporary war protection period can also be used arbitrarily to avoid war if a president feels that his country is not ready for war.

Temporary war protection can be obtained by use of boosters. Boosters require the use of a gold coin, or several gold coins, depending on the duration of the protection period.

If war is already declared, or already in progress, temporary war protection will not end it. It will however prohibit war declarations and sneak attacks for the duration of the protection.

When temporary protection is turned on, each game month will reduce the war protection counter. Also each time the war protection mode is turned off, three game months are subtracted. Turning temporary war protection on and off very often will quickly reduce the available protection period.

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