Finance is key

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Finance is key

The financial page, shows how much cash the country has, its loans, income and expenses. The essential part is the monthly income and expense. It shows how much money is spent and earned.

If your income is higher than your expense, you seem to be OK. If it is lower, you are losing money.

The income depends on taxes. There is tax people pay as a percentage of their salary. It depends on the number of working people and their income level.

Corporations pay taxes too. The better they do, the more they pay. You can improve the corporations in your country and make them more profitable. You can build new ones.

Having a negative balance of payments for some time is fine. You cannot build your economy without getting into some loans. However, loans carry interest payments and must be paid back. Investments must result in higher income so that you will be able to pay interest and pay the loans back.

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