Obtaining Mobile Intelligence Units

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Obtaining Mobile Intelligence Units

Mobile Intelligence Units can be built in the same way Mobile Land Units are created. The units can also be purchased on the Crucis space station. Their transport and transfer between players can take place in

Mobile Intelligence units can also be purchased on the Crucis space station. Units can be transported to the space station by players who are building them in their own countries. The owner of the Mobile intelligence unit can move such units to any of her countries and use it in any war. The units move including the professional soldiers and officers and do not need any local change to their structure before they become operational. If damaged or incomplete, the units will have only partial fighting power and need to be resupplied to return to their full capacity.

A (future) change in cargo shuttles will allow them to land in remote bases that are owned by their country or a country of a federation member. When the upgrade becomes available, it will allow cargo shuttles to transport mobile intelligence units, weapons, ammunition and supplies, to remote bases.

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