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What is Simcountry?
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Mobile Military Units

Mobile Units are military units that have several special features that make them superior to the regular army units in Simcountry.

In addition to the existing features of army units, mobile units have the following added capabilities:

Mobile units can be upgrade to a quality level of 600. Although smaller in size, the units can become very powerful if upgraded to a high quality level.

Mobile units can participate in any war if they reside in the attacked country and are close to the attacked target. For example: if a defensive mobile unit is close to a fortification and the fortification is attacked, either from the air or by a land unit, the mobile unit, will participate and shoot back at the attacker if it has weapons and ammunition that are effective against any of the weapons that are used in the attack.

Only one mobile unit will participate in the defense.

Mobile units are using only professional soldiers and officers. Weapons, ammunition and other materials are the same as used in regular army units. Mobile units can be set up when the player has the needed professional soldiers, officers and all the required weapons, ammunition, trucks and other required materials.

Lost soldiers and officers who have died in fighting must be replaced by professional soldiers and officers. If these are not available, the units will not be resupplied, in the same way that they cannot be resupplied if the country does not have the required weapons, ammunition and other supplies that are needed for the unit.

Mobile Units carry more supplies than standard units and can be supplied by any supply units. The units are supplied with standard weapons and ammunition in the same way other units are being supplied.

All mobile units and wings can be loaded onto cargo shuttles. An entire unit can be loaded on a cargo shuttle and it can be moved either to a space center in a different country where the cargo shuttle can land or to the Crucis space station where it can be stored in a cargo bay that can store up to ten such units.

Cargo shuttles can land in any remote depot you own, or a remote depot owned by a member of your federation and can deliver mobile units and military materials, directly into such depots.

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