Workers Flexibility - Moving between workers and professionals groups

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Workers Flexibility - Moving between workers and professionals groups

We have increased the flexibility of workers moving between workers groups and professions. Large shortages of High Level Workers became a major problem for mainly long-term players with large countries. The problem is now solved.

Up to 24.000 workers can become HLWs each game month, allowing for the required flexibility.

We have now moved to solve the problem of too many unemployed professionals that are highly educated buy never find a job.

If the numbers of unemployed in any group will exceed a set threshold, some will move back into the workers groups.

Examples: if there are more than 200.000 unemployed teachers, or the same number of high tech engineers or nurses, or low level or medium level managers, up to 10.000 per month may migrate to a workers group and try to find a job.

The same applies to senior doctors, senior high tech engineers, university teachers and high level manager but the migration will start if the number of unemployed in that group reaches 100.000 and the number changing profession will be up to 5.000 a month.

Executives will migrate if the number of unemployed reaches 50.000 and 2.500 will change their profession each month.

These additional functions will be added to the game next week, on Tuesday June 10.

The numbers may be tuned at a later stage.

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