Who can play on Tiny Atlas

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Who can play on Tiny Atlas

Players who have a country/empire on one of the current worlds, will be able to get a country on Tiny Atlas, Everyone can look around on this planet, click and zoom in, see the continents and regions.

A player can make a choice for a country. Once you decide, the country can be reserved for 30 gold coins and will have to be paid for in gold coins as on the other worlds.

It is not possible to start playing Simcountry with a first country on Tiny Atlas and it does not make sense at all. You cannot do anything, or build anything when there are no materials, no market to purchase goods on and no workers to do anything.

Players who do have assets on the other planets and are able to purchase cargo shuttles and carry materials from their countries to Tiny Atlas, will be able to prepare a new country they have on Tiny Atlas, move population over and start developments.

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