Weapons and Ammunition Quality and Nuclear defense

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Weapons and Ammunition Quality and Nuclear defense

The quality of weapons and ammunition has a major effects on the results of wars. Attacks can be much more successful if the quality of the attacking units is higher. Increasing the quality of military units will increase their capabilities and a smaller number will be sufficient.

The quality extends to all types of weapons, including nuclear weapons that will be more effective if their quality is higher.

The same is true for the defense. A high quality defensive unit or a garrison, will fight harder and create more damage to the attacker. Upgrading defense units will make your defense much stronger and also in this case, a smaller number of units may be sufficient to defend your country.

The quality of the defense includes the nuclear defense weapons. The quality of a nuclear defense garrison should be high or otherwise, the nuclear defense will not be a 100% guarantee against a nuclear attack.

If the quality of the nuclear attack weapons is higher than the quality of the nuclear defense weapons, the defense quality will decline. If the defense has a quality of 80 and the attacking weapons have a quality of 160, then 50% of the attacks will come through.

We have recently seen a war where 1 in 4 or 5 attacking nukes penetrated the defenses because the quality of the defensive nuclear missiles was too low.

Please check the quality of your defense, and especially the nuclear defense and make sure it is sufficient. The quality of nuclear attack weapons cannot exceed 200 but quality limits will be increased in the future.

Both the quality of weapons and ammunition are essential. The quality of the weapons increases the chance that the weapons will hit its target and the damage it can cause to the target. The quality of the ammunition has an additional influence and also increases the range of the weapons. In the case of nuclear weapons, range is not an issue as their range is sufficient.

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