Weapon and Ammunition Corporations

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Weapon and Ammunition Corporations

Several types of weapons and ammunition corporations have been slightly reduced in size to reflect the smaller numbers of weapons and ammunitions that are being used in war.
Production numbers and the cost per weapon or a piece of ammunition is reduced and also the number of workers and the use of raw materials.

Only a small number of corporation types are reduced to prevent any major changes in employment. However, countries that have these types of corporations will experience a decline in employment while the corporations will show 100% employment.
This is good news because the freed work force can be used in an additional corporation or more than one, that can be constructed without the need for more population.

Changes will not be very significant because the numbers of such weapon and ammunition corporations is small. Other types of weapon and ammunition corporations remained unchanged but may be subject to similar changes in the coming weeks.

Both revenue and cost of the corporations were reduced and the profitability remains unchanged. Profit as percentage of the revenue will increase as the profit level will remain while the revenue will decline.

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