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What is Simcountry?
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War Index Computation

Fortifications have a major weight on the war index. If all fortifications in a country are destroyed, the war index declines by 50 points. The decline used to depend on the number of fortifications in the country at the start of the war. If the country had 10 fortifications at the start of the war, each destroyed fortification reduced the war index by 5 points. If the country had 100 fortifications, (The maximum number), each destroyed fortification reduced the war index by 0.5 points.

We have now changed this and every destroyed or absent fortification reduces the war index by 0.5 points. If a country has 10 fortifications, the war index can reach a maximum of 55 point (not 100) and the destruction of each fortification will reduce the index by 0.5 points.

The change has no effect on how easy or difficult it is to win a war.
In the past, and also now, you need to destroy all the fortifications to reduce the war index by 50 points.

However, many countries that have less than 100 fortifications will see their war index decline. If you have 40 fortifications, your war index will now decline by 30 points because you are 60 fortifications under the max number and each fortification counts for 0.5 points.

During war, while fortifications are being destroyed, you can purchase new fortifications and when these are delivered, it will be taken into account and the war index may increase again.

The war index of your country and its computation are available in details in the war menu. During war, the war index of your enemy is also available on the war pages.

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