The War Index. More help on Damage Points and on how to win a war.

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The War Index. More help on Damage Points and on how to win a war.

The war index is an indicator for the status of your country and the country you attack during the war. After each attack, the war index of your enemy is recalculated to reflect the current situation and it may decline if your attack was successful and scored new Damage Points.

If your enemy has a war index of 55, it means that you have scored 45 damage points. If you score 100 damage points, you win the war.

The way this index is calculated was unknown and what you need to do to win a war was unclear to many. Beginners find it hard to understand.

The war index and damage-points calculation have been improved and became more transparent. When a new war is started there are two new buttons showing on the war page: "Explain the War Index" and "How to win this War". Both buttons show a popup. One shows the current damage points and how these points were obtained.

The second explains how the remaining points can we won. The information as provided on these two new pages will make it much easier to understand what was achieved and what targets are important in order to win the war.

At least ten damage points must be obtained by invading the country and conquering of at least 25 areas.

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