The War Game

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What is Simcountry?
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The War Game

A recent discussion on the forum, that was constructive and in our view very productive with many new ideas, brought up several very interesting options, to improve the war game.
Some results of the discussion are being implemented now and some may not be necessary.

We intend to develop several features that will allow for much more war, on all our worlds, for those who want it and prevent most or all of the ?collateral? damage of the current war game that causes destruction of players who are not interested in the war game. The underlying ideas have been triggered on the forum in the past days.

These features will greatly reduce the need for war protection. More details will be published in the coming weeks.

To prepare for some of these new features, we will shortly introduce a war level into simcountry. The war level will be earned by players who are interested in the war game and demonstrate capabilities in waging war. The war level will become a requirement for game levels and will gradually replace the war index requirement. This additional requirement will not cause any shock effect to current players game levels.

The peaceful player game levels will remain unchanged.
The game levels for players who participate in the entire game, including the war part, will not be measured only by their capability to purchase weapons and build army units but rather by their capability to wage war and win. In time, the war index will cease to be an important requirement for game levels.

We will publish the exact conditions to measure the war capabilities at a later stage while starting to prepare the game for these new features. The war levels will provide us with simpler tools to prevent unbalanced and unwanted wars.

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