The War Engine - Update 9: Air Landings and Bridge Heads

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What is Simcountry?
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The War Engine - Update 9: Air Landings and Bridge Heads

The new war engine will have special air landing units that will be flown over to any destination within range of the military transport airplanes. The Air Landing Units will be dropped in enemy territory and setup a bridgehead.

Air landing units will be small and their only task is to prepare a landing area for the arrival of additional forces. The air landing units objective is to prepare a landing strip that will allow the landing and take off of military transport aircraft that will supply additional forces and materials.

The air landing forces will need 24 hours to build an airstrip and must be able to survive in enemy territory during that period. If they do, the airstrip will become functional and the transport of complete military units will become possible.

The enemy will probably try to destroy these landings units before they succeed in setting up an airstrip. The landing units are small. They do have some weapons to defend themselves but will not withstand a major attack.

Multiple landing units may be used in several locations at the same time to increase the survival chance in the first 24 hours.

Once the airstrip is available, air borne military supply units will transport complete military units to the new location. The more military transporters available, the faster such action will take place. The further the target is from the invading country, the longer it will take for the military transport airplanes to make a round trip.

Once landed, military units will be able to operate in enemy territory, fight local units and conquer cities, factories and other objects. They will have to be supplied like all other military units and such supplies will have to be delivered by air.

Multiple bridgeheads can be set up simultaneously. With many military transport airplanes and sufficient quantities of military units, ammunition and materials, the pace of such operation can be increased.

These features are not part of Simcountry yet but are in the last stages of development and testing. The exact date for these features to be added to Simcountry will be announced ahead of time.

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