The War Engine

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The War Engine

A major upgrade of the new war engine will be installed next week Wednesday or Thursday. (Nov. 7 or 8).

The upgrade will include air force units but more importantly, it will shift the war from weapons to units.

All attacks will be carried out by units (except for nuke attacks).

The defense will be carried out by deployed weapons, supported by one defensive air wing and possibly supported by another air wing from a fed partner. All units can be attacked by other units and will be defended by the unit itself and one air wing that must be within range of the attacked unit.

To have your country air defense in place, you are advised to setup defensive air units.

A more detailed document will be added to the game documentation at the time of the upgrade and will also be published in the game news.

The size of army units may start with the current numbers and will be increased after one or two weeks.

The reason for a smaller start is to prevent huge wars while many countries are working on the setup of their air force.

Army units can be increased in size while on the move and supply units will take care of implementing the changes.

Long term, we expect armies and army units to become smaller with high quality.

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