The size of all Military Units is reduced

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What is Simcountry?
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The size of all Military Units is reduced

As published before, we have now reduced the size of all military units by about 10%.
All existing units are now smaller. The number of weapons is reduced and also the number of available ammunition units is reduced. The navies remain unchanged.

All the weapons and ammunition that became obsolete in the units during the process have been placed in the country stock and their quality is taken into account.

The fighting power of all units, relative to other units remains unchanged. It is not easier or harder to destroy a military unit. The only change is in the number of destroyed weapons and the quantities of ammunition that are used during any attacks.

This change will in time reduce the size of the army and reduce the numbers of weapons and ammunition needed and will reduce the cost of war.

It is of course possible to build more military units but a similar change before showed that the desired reduction has in fact materialized.

New military units that are being constructed will also be smaller. The maximum size of all new units is reduced by 10%.

This is only one step in the process of reducing the armies to more realistic numbers. More such steps will follow.

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