The Simcountry Marketing - Affiliates Program

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Simcountry Marketing - Affiliates Program

The new marketing program for Simcountry is now fully available for everyone. The program is open for players and non players. It is free and very easy to join.

The program pays everyone who is participating in the marketing of Simcountry, 25% of all revenue generated by these marketing activities.

When participating in the program, you get your own unique ID that can be used in promoting Simcountry. All traffic to the site, generated by your activities will be recognized by your ID and any revenue will count as part of your account.

Traffic to the Simcountry site can be created by placing links, including your unique ID, on web sites, Facebook pages, Twitter etc.
Affiliates can find examples of the URLs that can be used and some marketing resources on the Simcountry Marketing page.

Your results are shown on the Simcountry marketing pages and in addition, an email service will deliver daily results showing clicks generated, relevant clicks from new IP numbers, registrations and payments received.

Traffic and revenue generated by your own account with Simcountry or your IP number does not count as part of this program.

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