The Quality of Military Units

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What is Simcountry?
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The Quality of Military Units

The current situation around the quality of military units:

The quality of military units depends on the quality of the weapons and ammunition that are part of the units. Other materials do not have an influence on the quality yet.

The initial quality of the unit is set to 50% of the initial average quality of the weapons and ammunition that were used to setup the unit.

The quality of both weapons and ammunitions in the unit can be increased by the use of weapon and ammunition upgrades and the fighting quality of the unit depends on the average of the weapons and the ammunition.

When receiving supplies, each movement of weapons and ammunition between the country stocks and any unit, including the supply units, causes a 50% reduction of quality when the weapons are moving into the supply unit and also, an averaging of quality between these weapons and the supply unit itself.

The averaging is again used when the weapons are moved from the supply unit to the military unit.

Planned changes:

The quality exchange between the weapons and ammunition that are bound to be transported to a military unit with the supply unit will be stopped. The quality of what the supply unit is loading for transport will remain unchanged when the weapons and ammunitions are delivered to the unit.

The top quality of weapons and ammunitions in military units is now already increased to 200 and the same applies to the fighting quality of the military units.

The max quality values will be increased even further in the coming period and with this increase, we will phase out the reduction in quality when products are moved into units. While phasing out this quality break, we will reevaluate the production process of weapons and ammunition and the purchasing procedures.

The production of high quality military products will become very profitable as purchasing these products at a very high quality will have a major effect on the fighting capabilities of these weapons when they become part of military units.

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