The Quality of Army Units

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What is Simcountry?
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The Quality of Army Units

The war engine will be updated within several weeks, to take into account the quality of the army units.
The quality of the army units will depend on several factors:
1. The quality of the weapons (average)
2. Weapons and ammunition upgrading products that will be introduced into simcountry.
3. The quality of the ammunition (Average).

In time, a unit that has a quality average of 200 will be much stronger that a unit with a quality average of 100. The army unit quality could be raised much higher.

this may in time allow for a smaller number of very high quality units.

the feature will be introduced in small increments with the introduction of the "Max Unit Quality" property that will be increased in small steps.

It means that if the property will be set to 120 (it is now at 100), the units will fight at their own quality but at a max quality of 120. In time we will increase the max to 500 or even 1000 or remove the limit.

The gradual introduction is intended as a way to prevent big changes to the war process and allow people to start increasing the quality of their weapons.

when units are damaged and new weapons are added or ammunition is supplied, the quality will be recomputed based on weighted average. When units are disbanded, some of the quality might be lost.

This feature was described before and promised long time ago. It will be introduced into the game within several weeks.

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