The New War Engine is activated

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The New War Engine is activated

A first part of the new war engine is activated today.

Army units that are now part of the game can invade other countries when in war and attack and destroy enemy army units.

The new war engine functionality is limited to army units attacking and defending against other army units.

The movement of army units into enemy territory is blocked if the army unit is approaching a defended object. It can try to avoid such objects and find an unprotected path. It must otherwise wait for the target to be destroyed by the air force or army forces that are not part of army units.

The full functionality of the war engine as it was before, remains part of the game.

The war index of your enemy can be reduced, by conquering enemy area. When army units invade and conquer enemy territory, the war index will decline.

Each Enemy territory property that is conquered reduces the war index by 0.1 point. Conquering 50 enemy country properties, will reduce the war index by 5 points.

In this phase, conquering more than 50 enemy properties will not reduce the war index any further.

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