The functionality of Tiny Atlas in General

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What is Simcountry?
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The functionality of Tiny Atlas in General

Tiny Atlas is in fact identical in its functionality to all the other worlds. Differences result from the fact that there is no functioning economy. Only when some countries are boosted with external materials and support from the other planets will it become possible to start the production of materials on Tiny Atlas.

In its current state, nothing of substance can be built. You cannot rely on the market in any way and you cannot produce anything to improve conditions.

It is not possible to build anything or produce any products because there are no raw materials, no corporations and no workers that could work in such corporations. Everything you might want to have in Tiny Atlas will have to be transported from other planets.

The existing space centers could be used to land cargo shuttles but these shuttles will have to come from existing countries in other worlds and they will need to transport everything and in large quantities.

Even when corporations are constructed, the materials needed for production will have to come from other planets, moved from the space center to the country stock and then be sold to the corporation for it to be able to start, or maintain production. Large quantities will be needed or you will have to make such transactions, very frequently.

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