The capacity of cargo Shuttles and docking stations

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What is Simcountry?
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The capacity of cargo Shuttles and docking stations

The capacity of docking stations is currently 200.000 units and will be increased next week to 1.000.000 units. Cargo shuttle capacity will be reduced to 100.000. These changes will improve the usability of space assets and reduce complexity.

In addition, the number of space units for many products will be reduced to compensate for the smaller storage space per cargo shuttle.

The increase in size of the docking stations will make it possible to perform most future tasks on a specific space station market by use of a single docking station. The rent structure for docking stations will also be changed for a monthly rent of 5 gold coins for 1.000.000 units of space. This change represents a significant reduction in cost.

This feature will be part of the next game update on May 17 or May 18.

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