The Advisory System - Next step

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Advisory System - Next step

As of today, the advisory system is active for all players in game levels 1 to 4. It is on by default and can be turned off on the automation pages.

The number of different messages is increased from 10 to 30 and it is leading players to many more improvements in their economies. Each advice shows once in two weeks and will of course disappear if the problem does not exist anymore.

A "Next Advice" button will be added on May 15 and will make it possible to see more than one message. Currently, one single message is showing at log in. Players will be able to go through all the messages and fix all that needs fixing in their countries in one go.

Players who follow the advice will quickly improve their finances and their countries will become profitable. A fast buildup of an army may however change this as large armies require large investments in weapons and ammunition and use many people as soldiers and officers.

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