Supporting Failing Economies

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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Supporting Failing Economies

Some players, many of them playing for a short period, have difficulties in balancing and expanding their economy. The reasons may vary; the results are similar.

They have high unemployment, high cost of social security, low income, financial shortages, high debt and eventually all this will lead to bankruptcy.

None of the measures we have introduced will provide free cash to any countries or corporations.

We have introduced several measures that will help such countries just a little, and try to show them the correct direction.

If the financial situation is deteriorating, debt is high and unemployment too. A new function will now check education to discover severe shortages and may make small correction in the form of natural flow of workers into other professions, and reduce these shortages. The changes are small and unlikely to make a very large difference, but over time, unemployment can be reduced and production may increase.

Another function will check unemployment in the country and employment levels in corporations, and if it concludes that the country can have another corporation without causing major shortages of workers, it might add one corporation.

This too will not cause major changes but will in time improve the economy.

Two other functions will check the financial situation. If the level of debt is considered too high, it will force a reduction in salaries. One function will reduce country salaries and the other function will do the same in corporations where debt is high and the corporations are losing money because of these high salaries.

The reduction in salaries may return some corporations to profitability or at least reduce their losses. It will also reduce the cost of all government functions and the losses countries make.

Salaries can be reduced to very low level and countries and corporations may find themselves in third world income levels. The main objective of these measures is to protect countries and corporations against themselves and help them to return to profitability.

These corrections will not create wealth or make any such countries and corporations into major successes. They are triggered when the country or corporation are close to bankruptcy.

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