Support Functions - Update II

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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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Support Functions - Update II

In the past weeks we have introduced several functions to Simcountry that are aimed at improving the economy of countries that are close to bankruptcy, have large loans and where it is obvious that the player is unable or not interested enough in fixing the economy.

These functions will not make a failing economy fly. The changes are mild; the functions are low key but will have good effect in the long run.

The aim is to improve the economy of failing countries by reducing their cost, improving their corporations and income from corporations and in the process, reducing or even eliminating their financial shortages.

The support functions stop their slight intervention when the country is back to a reasonable situation.

Examples of such interventions are in education, where large shortages in some professions will be corrected by more conversions of workers into professionals so that corporations are able to increase their hiring and new corporations can be added.

Other interventions reduce the salaries in both the country and in corporations if there are large financial shortages and also when debt levels are too high.

Many countries that were close to bankruptcy are now stabilizing. Their employment levels are up and shortages are declining.

There are no interventions in countries that do not have major problems and there are no interventions in countries run by experienced players.

Debt levels in devastated economies have also decreased, partly by the addition of game money but such corrections are declining, and will stop in the coming days.

The max loan level is reduced to about 40 T and is even lower in some worlds. The level will decline even further and countries that pass that level of debt will have to reduce debt before they are able to make any purchases.

Our aim is to prevent countries from crossing the line to destruction, falling into an unrecoverable situation that ends with bankruptcy.

All this will result in a bottom line that is higher and better than before, without any change to the many countries that are doing good or reasonable.

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