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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?
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Support for beginners

Simcountry has many support functions that help beginners in the initial period. The help functions include the addition of gold coins, population and game money. It also includes an increase of the country income that helps new players to finance the growth of their countries and build some financial reserves.

In addition, there are support functions that help new players in balancing their education system, prevent financial losses and support the economy in other ways to make sure the countries can prosper. Some of these support functions were only triggered if a player did not login for several days.

All support stopped after 180 or 360 days or when the country reached game level 4. There is no support for countries that are part of an empire.

Some players were mailing us questions and some complained about interventions in their economies. In all cases, there was a very good reason to intervene but some players did not want this intervention even when they needed it.

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