Storing Weapons in Enterprises

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Storing Weapons in Enterprises

We see the storage of very large quantities of weapons in enterprises as an advantage for rich players who hold large armies. It is a problem for smaller players. We urge players with such large stocks to sell some of the stock on the market and reduce such reserves. At some point, if nothing happens, we might set thresh holds on numbers and introduce a cost to excessive stockpiles.

Selling weapons on the market now might be more profitable than later because the price of many weapons will decline. Think about it ... Nothing is imminent.

Planned Change within two weeks As we have said several times in the past weeks, we will allow military units stationed at locations around the country, participate in the defense. One unit, which is stationed within a striking range of the attacked target, will participate. The unit must have weapons that are relevant to the defense against the attacker.

Mobile units already participate in this way. Up to two mobile units, if available within range and poses relevant weapons, participate in the defense.

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