Stockpiling Products in Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Stockpiling Products in Corporations

When corporations do not sell their products but keep them in the corporation, they risk bankruptcy and a large loss of resources when the corporation is closed and the unsold products are lost.

This can happen when the products that are produced are not traded on the world markets like several strategic weapons, cruise missiles and batteries etc.
The corporation will try to sell the products to the owner country or enterprise and use the cash to continue production.

In case the country or enterprise do not have the cash to pay for these products, sales will not take place and the corporation will sink into debt .
The owner, when in debt, is unable to supply cash to the corporation and it will bankrupt fairly quickly.

The solution is simple:
Sell such products on the space markets or direct trading market and use the proceeds to finance the corporations. These products can produce a very high profit.
If you are not interested in trading in this way, you should stop producing such products because stockpiling will sooner or later cause the corporations to bankrupt.

The existing procedure to get rid of stockpiled products, kicks off when more than 40 months worth of production is held within the corporation. In such cases, 10% of the stockpiled products are sold on the market and if the products are not traded on the market, they are sold to the owner of the corporation.

This procedure is part of simcountry for a very long time. It can however fail as described above.

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