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What is Simcountry?
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Stealth Bombers

Stealth Bombers are now added to Simcountry as a new weapon. Stealth bombers where discussed and preannounced several months ago and their introduction now into the game will enable follow up enhancements the war game and make it possible to add new war levels.

Stealth Bombers can operate in small units and are excellent in attacks against air force units, land units and military targets in general. The bombers are not intended for attacks on non military targets.

The main special feature of stealth bombers is their ability to carry out automatic attacks on the enemy. The stealth units (not introduced yet) will operate on command by the player but can also carry out attacks as a reaction to attacks on your country. This makes stealth bomber units a new weapon to defend your country while you are not available to carry out the defense on your own.

Automatic Stealth Bomber attacks will never win you a war but rather enhance your defense by destroying enemy units.

Destroying stealth bombers is not easy as they are hardly visible for weapon radars but both interceptors and anti aircraft missiles are capable of shooting these aircraft down. The chance to hit them is smaller but stealth bomber units will be small and a large number of interceptors and missiles will be able to destroy them.

C3 countries at levels higher than 7 will be equipped with stealth bomber units and will attack your country when you are fighting to move to higher war levels.

Stealth bombers can be produced on the Fearless Blue world only. They can be traded on the market of the Fearless blue world and can be traded between players in one time sales or contracts on all the worlds. The bombers can also be traded on the space station Cervus

It is now possible to set up stealth bomber corporations on the Fearless Blue world. The corporations, when in full production at 100% can produce 3 stealth bombers each game year.

Although stealth bombers can now be produced, they are currently not usable in war yet and cannot be attacked by any weapon. Stealth bomber bombs will be added to Simcountry next week. The early introduction of these weapons allows you to decide your position on these new weapons and it gives everyone time to start producing them ahead of their full introduction into Simcountry.

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