Soldiers and Officers in the Army

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What is Simcountry?
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Soldiers and Officers in the Army

The army needs soldiers and officers to operate all its weapons and military units. The numbers per weapon are published in the weapons document. Deactivated weapons use 50% of the number of soldiers and officers that are needed for activated weapons. When there are shortages of people in the country, the army might need to deactivate weapons and units and reduce the numbers.

The way this is done is now changed to try and preserve the army units while deactivating weapons that are less essential.

Army units have the highest priority and they are the first to have all the soldiers and officers they need. If shortages of man power in the country are severe and there are not enough soldiers and officers for the military units, some of the units might be disbanded and weapons will return to base.

If all units are fully supported, the space center is checked to make sure that all the weapons stored there are fully equipped and have all their crews completed. If there are shortages, some of the weapons stored at the space center may be moved out and back into the military bases.

The last to be equipped are all the weapons that are stored in the military bases. If the country has any shortages of soldiers and officers for the weapons in the military bases, some of these weapons might be deactivated.

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