Smaller Military units, navies and Bases ? pre announcement

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Smaller Military units, navies and Bases ? pre announcement

Military units will become a bit smaller. This change is proportional and is aimed at a reduction in the cost of military units including a reduction in the number of soldiers and officers needed.

The change of about 10% in the size of all units will reduce the number of weapons lost per attack in any war. Also the max size of the navy is decreased and each navy can now carry a maximum number of 18.000 weapons. This number will be reduced by another 2000 in the coming weeks.

The same will take place in all military bases, decreasing the max number of weapons per base to 35.000 with a further reduction to 30.000 in the coming weeks. This change will be effectuated in the next update next week (between Oct. 19 and Oct. 21).

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