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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry Space Program

Testing of the new functions is drawing to an end and installation will take place ASAP.

We have promised to make the Space Program available in May and might be missing the dead line by a week or two.

The space industries are now already functioning and many products are being produced and are traded across the five worlds. Space centers can be built and some players have already done so.

The new Space Program will include:

1. Moving products between the country and its space center or back from the space center into the country storage.
2. Launching cargo shuttles from a space center to a space station of your choice.
3. Docking cargo shuttles at space stations. The owner of the shuttle needs a docking station to allow for docking of the cargo shuttle.
4. Unloading of cargo shuttles at space stations and moving products into storage.
5. The offering of products stored on a space center or on a docked cargo shuttle for sale on the space station. Most products will be initially traded on one space station and the location of the storage and the cargo shuttles is essential.
6. Trading of products on space station markets.
7. Loading of products into cargo shuttles, undocking the cargo shuttle and launching cargo shuttle for travel to any other space station where they can dock or launch the cargo shuttle to travel to any of your countries in any one of the Simcountry worlds.
8. Unloading of cargo shuttles at any docking station provided the owner of the shuttle owns the docking station.
9. Unloading the cargo shuttle at any space center at any of your countries.

The "ownership" of a docking station can be permanent if the player bought the docking station on the direct trading market. Or temporary, for a set period, if the docking station was rented. Renting docking stations is simply done by closing a contract on the direct trading market.

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