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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry - Co marketing Program

Simcountry is setting up a co-marketing program that allows players to support our marketing effort by creating links to the Simcountry website, on their own websites.

In recognition of this effort that can help Simcountry to expand its reach on the internet, we will support players who are setting up such links with monthly donations of gold coins.

For each link that is setup by a player, and remains in place for an entire month, we will credit the account of the player with 5 to 25 gold coins each month.

The exact number depends on the rank of the page where the link is placed. If the page rank is 0, 5 gold coins will be added to the account each month.

If the page rank is 1 or 2, 10 gold coins will be added to the account and in case the page rank is 3 to 5, 15 gold coins will be awarded.

In case the page rank is 6 or 7, we will add 20 gold coins each month to the players account and 25 gold coins if the page rank is higher.

A player can setup multiple links and will be awarded for each of these links with up to a total of 500 gold coins each month. The links must be placed on different websites. Multiple links on a single site will count as one.

Simcountry will run daily checks on the existence of the links and will count the days the link exists. On the 30th day, it will add gold coins to the account and reset the counter to start counting for the next period.

Players can check their links and counters on the Co-marketing pages and see for themselves what the status is of each link they created. They can also see when links are not reachable and not found by our procedures.

Gold Coins earned in the co-marketing program can be used in the game but can also be cashed out when the total number earned is 500 gold coins or more. Cashing out of such gold coins will have no time limitations. Simcountry pays $ 25 for each batch of 500 gold coins. This system is already active in the game and is in use by very successful players.

The program is now fully functional.

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