Quality will matter for more products - starting today

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Quality will matter for more products - starting today

For most products, quality matters. The higher the quality, the better the price on the market and when used, higher quality has advantages.
Welfare, fighting qualities for weapons and ammo, better production process and a higher quality in corporations etc.

For some products, quality is currently not relevant and we have stated in the past that this issue must be resolved.

We have now introduced a new feature that will make quality relevant to more products. To start with, the problem will be solved for the maintenance products used to maintain weapons, aircraft, and the navy and military bases and fortifications.

In general, this improvement will result in an advantage when using a higher quality weapons, ammunition and maintenance products. The advantage will be more significant than the increase in the cost of the products that are used in the process when these are purchased at a higher quality.

The change may cause the total price of maintenance or upgrading to increase in some cases or decline in other cases. The feature will be introduced gradually to prevent and major changes in production and in the markets and we will give enough time for quality settings by players to take effect.

Here is how it works:
When using high quality operating/maintenance products as part of the operating of weapons, the number needed will decline if the quality of the products and materials used is higher.
On the other hand, the number of maintenance product needed, and the amount of products needed for the operating of weapons and military units, will increase if the weapons being upgraded are already at a high quality.

The number of products that are needed for maintenance/upgrading will decline first in a linear way with their quality, and on top of that, there will be an additional decline factor, which depends on the difference in quality. This factor will be around 10 - 25%.

On the other hand, operating or upgrading a product that is already at a high quality, will require more upgrading and operating products. the number will increase in a linear way, depending on the quality. There will be no additional factor.

As a result, the number of products needed in the process of maintenance or upgrading will decline faster because of the added factor and will result in a lower cost.

A weapon of quality 120, might currently use 2 pieces of ammunition per (game) month in the maintenance of the weapon. If the quality of the ammunition is 240, the amount used will be around 0.8. (reduction of more than a factor of 2). If the weapon quality is higher, say 240, the amount of product used will be 1.6 which remains less than the amount that was used before (2).

A first change was introduced today and applies to the operating cost of most weapons. The changed is small and will not affect the use of materials by more than 10% (up or down), compared to what it was before.

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