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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Quality of Products

A new feature is added, allowing countries to manage the quality of products that are purchased for use by the population.
Before the installation of the feature, a limited setting was possible, for all products at once. It is now possible to set the preferred quality per product. Check the trade menu for the new feature.

Quality is a major factor. The quality of products purchased by corporations is an important factor in the quality of the product produced by the corporations.
The quality of weapons is used in the setup of military units and has a major influence on the fighting quality of the units.

The quality of consumption products had a very limited function; it is a small factor in the total score of the country.

The next update of Simcountry, will add the average quality of consumption products as a factor in the welfare index. Initially, the change will be small. In time, the influence of the consumption products can have a 5-10 points difference in the welfare index of corporations in the country.

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