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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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A major change is planned, that will complete the quality system for all products in Simcountry. This issue is old and to date, only partially solved.

Current status

The quality of weapons and ammunition, has an influence on the fighting power of military units and purchasing them at a high quality can make sense. Some do not think so and they purchase weapons at any quality they wish.

The quality of raw materials is also important because they influence the quality of the products produced by the corporations. Here too, you can decide for yourself what the best way is.

The remaining problem is the products that are used by the country?s population.

It is possible to order these products at any quality you want but it requires manual orders and the quality has very little influence on any other parameters in the country.

Future situation

We will now resolve this last issue.

The ordering strategy screen (Trade menu), where you can set your purchasing strategy for all automatic orders, will be extended with an extra column where quality can be specified. This will allow you to specify, per product, what quality you want the system to purchase for you. In addition, we will add a new index to Simcountry: the Quality index. The quality index will be an average (weighted by the quantity of product used) of all the products a country consumes.

The quality index will include all food products, services, electric power etc. all the products that are used on monthly bases for use by the population. The index will not include any weapons or products you purchase for strategic reasons. (example: machine parts or trucks).

The quality index will be added as an important factor in the welfare index.

A high quality index means that the country is purchasing higher quality products for its citizens consumption. If the index is high, the welfare index will increase and influence the productivity of all the corporations in the country. If your quality index is very high, it will cause all your corporations to increase their production without the need for more workers. It will improve their profitability.

This feature will be added to Simcountry by the end of September or early October.

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