Putting Weapons in the Reserves

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What is Simcountry?
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Putting Weapons in the Reserves

The concept of the army reserves may not be entirely clear to many new players. We will explain again.
The army can be fully active or you can move up to 10% of its weapons to the reserves in any single game month.

Once in the reserves, weapons are not available for use in military units and must be moved back into active services before they can be used. Moving weapons out of the reserves is also maximized to 10% of the total number of weapons per game month.

There is no need to move weapons into the reserves. You can keep all the available weapons active all the time.

Advantages of putting weapons into the reserves

The only advantage is the reduction in cost and in the number of soldiers and officers. Weapons in the reserve require about 4 times smaller number of soldiers and officers and the cost of maintenance and the cost of ammunition used for training is also reduced by a factor of 4.

A country which is not in any danger of war, can in this way reduce its defense cost while it does have the capability to set up a large army when needed.

Disadvantages of putting weapons into the reserves

The weapons that are put in the reserves are not available for army units and are in fact unusable as long as they are kept in the reserves. If the country needs a large army quickly, it will be able to start taking weapons out of the reserves but depending on percentages of active versus non active weapons, it may take up to 10 game months to bring back all the available weapons into active service. If only a smaller part was in the reserves, the time needed for reactivation will be shorter. This can be dangerous if you fear a sudden attack.

Another disadvantage is the defense index which is measured by the active weapons and will decline if weapons are moved into the reserves.

Last but not least, a sudden large scale reactivation of weapons will cause a shift in the country workforce as many workers and managers will be called into the army, very quickly. This may result in a reduction in the number of available workers and as a result, in the production levels in many corporations. This in turn, may badly influence the economic situation in the country.

Such sudden changes will not take place if all the weapons are active all the time but of course, the army will be large all the time and only a smaller percentage of the population will be available for work in corporations.

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