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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Population in Simcountry

The population in countries depends on several parameters and for a long time, we heard complains about population growth or rather decline.

The population depends most of the time on the number of births each month, and the death rate.
There are also other events that can change the numbers of the population, like war with many casualties, and also population purchases on the market and the sale of population. Migration can also change the numbers.

Death rates depend on the age group. Each age group has a different death rate and these rates increase with age and the highest age groups have a high death rate. The death rates also depend on the health index. The higher the health index, the lower death rates will be.

The population birth rates depend on the total number of the population in the country. The higher the population, the lower the birth rate becomes.

In countries with very high population numbers, birth rates can decline below the death rates resulting in a decline of the population.

Some players are buying large numbers of populations to boost their countries and then see the numbers decline slowly in the following game months and years.

We have always advised players not to increase the population beyond 50-60 Millions because the numbers will decline due to the reduced birth rates.

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