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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Population Growth

Nothing much is changed in this area but we think that there is some confusion. We explain this again.

Countries that are owned by a beginner/free player, have a population level of between 12 or even 10 million to 15 million. The population grows fast at the start, with large population donations when new players login. After the initial period, the growth of the population continues at a very slow level and will probably level off at the level of about 15 million. Such countries, in some cases, have a larger population but will in time return to the published range.

Once a free player becomes a full member, population growth becomes much high and population will grow quickly.

We expect the population of full members to reach a level of 80 to 100 million and then level off.

Higher numbers are possible. Right now, it can be done by purchasing population for gold coins. This feature is always available but requires gold coins.

We are planning a new feature that will increase the potential growth of the population to higher levels, depending on other parameters. This will be announced and explained at a later stage.

The numbers mentions here may vary from numbers in the past. The way population growth works is quite complex and does not allow exact predictions. We are learning, as you do, from observations.

We know how the process works but it is hard to predict where it will end.

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